Tarot Cards VISIONARY TAROT – by S’Roya Rose





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Tarot Cards VISIONARY TAROT – by S’Roya Rose

The Visionary Tarot ultimate companion eloquently describes and interprets the archetypal mystical wisdom that is the Tarot! The tarot takes us on a Spiritual journey, into the unknown parts of our self, helping us to not only find answers to our life’s questions but gain insight into our current state of being. Who we are, why we are here and what drives us, and enthuses us to live a more fulfilled life. This illuminating new tarot artwork, cleverly builds a psychological symbolic bridge from the old to the new, merging ascended ideology, cosmic fantasy with inspired surrealism wrapped in spiritual beauty.

S’Roya has developed her own brand of fusion art, filled with timeless symbolism that modern Mystics, adept Tarot Readers, and Psychics Mediums the world over will absolutely love to visit time and again as an amazing Tarot reference tool.


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